Individual Counseling

We focus on practical strategies for long-term success. Our areas of expertise include weight management, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, food allergies, diabetes, women health, general wellness and health promotion.

Group Counseling/Coaching

This service is reserved for groups of people with similar needs including but not limited to weight loss, general wellness or control and manage specific health condition.

Celebrity Makeover

Celebrity Makeover programs are limited to specific areas in NY.
In the comfort of your own home you will get all health and nutritional attention you need! Together we will go through your kitchen identifying foods that will serve you well and foods that must go. We will figure out what works for you and create a grocery list, menu planning tips and set your individual goals.

Star Celebrity Makeover

In addition to everything from the Celebrity Makeover we will help with your metabolic body detox, providing supplements, guidance, recipes and email support.

Super Star Celebrity Makeover

You will not only get what the Star Celebrity Makeover program offers, but in the comfort of your home we will provide to you Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) which will measure and track changes in the amounts of body fluids, fat, and lean body mass, as well as your muscles and organs. You will have scientific proof how healthy your cells are. We will advise on how you can restore you health and well being.

Grocery Store Tour - limited to NYC area

We take participants to the supermarket and walk you through the aisles helping you to make better and healthier choices of food you are buying. You will learn about food labeling tricks food companies are using to make you buy food that otherwise you will never buy. You will understand the difference between organic versus nonorganic food. We will show you how to buy the best foods and how to stretch your food dollars. You will learn how to always have healthy food on hand. If you have some health condition or food allergy, a special tour can be arranged to cover your specific needs. This service is offered as an individual or group tour.