Client Testimonials

For many years I was having a digestive problem. Namely, when I ate something I usually had to run to the bathroom. I was worried to eat my breakfast, at home, before going to work. Otherwise I would have to look for a gas station to use the rest room. Also, on weekends, when I was driving from New York to Pennsylvania I couldn't eat, otherwise I would have to stop 2 or 3 times on my way. I lived like that for years. One day, my wife had a visit with our doctor and she told him about my problem. After that Dr. Slaski called me and we scheduled a visit at his office to discuss my health. After a deep interview he referred me to gastrologist, dr. Dyrszka and dietitian, Halina Wojcik. Halina asked me a lot of questions about my lifestyle and eating habits. At that time I was anxious and was sleeping about 4 hrs per night. I thought this was a normal way of living. On the next visit, as per Halina request, I came with my wife. During the visit, Halina asked my wife about her cooking, what she cooks and how. Halina suggested some gluten free products, easily available in supermarkets. She also ordered some supplement for me. After 2 weeks I started to see changes in my stool, my moods changed as well. The diarrhea was gone and I felt at ease and peaceful. Soon I was able to sleep continuously for 6 -7 hrs per night. My skin improved. I was regularly going for the visits every 2-3 weeks. During the counseling sessions, Halina was checking my food journal and suggested appropriate changes. I was observing changes in my body, my health was coming back. My friends were telling me that I look different, I look better. I highly recommend Halina for everyone who wants to improve their health through a diet and lifestyle.

Zbigniew Z. Queens, NY

All my friends were talking about health, weight loss, gym and Detox. My eating habits are not bad and I'm physically active taking care of 2 small children for a whole day, but I've never been on any Detox program. After talking to Halina I decided to go on the 10 Day Detox plan. I choose the program with BIA and then decided to go on my own, didn't want to wait for a new group and didn't think I will need any further assistance from Halina. I know how to shop and how to cook. Boy I was wrong! I started to get a headache on my first day. I didn't drink my morning coffee as well as any other coffee later on. The next day I called Halina, she told me to substitute coffee for green tea. My headache disappeared! I was reminded to drink a lot of water; preparing meals was not a problem at all. I got the book with recipes, access to the website and Halina was holding my back till the end. I didn't weigh myself at the beginning, since I was told that this is about my health not weight. But definitely I lost a few lbs. My clothes were getting loose and I felt like my whole skin improved. I repeated the 10 Day Detox 4 months later with even better results! Thanks Halina, you are great!

Kate W.,Queens

I chose to go for this Detox as a strict preventative measure. My weight is good and all labs (except low vit. D) are perfect. Lately, I've been eating mostly local and organic food. But, I'm aware that I'm still eating foods that contain pesticides as well as other toxins and heavy metals. I was debating between 10 Day Detox and 28 Day Detox. But when I checked my calendar I noticed that my next 2 months were full of events. So I decided on the 10 Day Detox program. I didn't expect major changes... well, I didn't expect any visible changes. As I said - it was just a preventative measure. But, I was pleasantly surprised with my increased energy level! I didn't need any naps after coming from my work, I had better concentration and I became more alert about my surroundings. I started seeing details which I didn't notice before as I was walking the same street as I always do. What a wonderful life! Thank you Halina!

Alice W., Entrepreneur, New York

I was doing the Detox with my girlfriend. At the beginning I was a little worried about the food and what I would eat and how to survive without my coffee. I was drinking about 5 - 6 cups of coffee every single day. I'm already familiar with gluten free food (since my girlfriend is gluten intolerant), but there were additional foods which I had to give up as well. Surprisingly I've never had any problem. We used some of the recipes from the booklet and website. The meals were delicious! Kale chips were so tasty and easy to do! I was never hungry, my energy level was high and my bowel movement improved. But, I have to admit, the first 2 -3 days were difficult. I was missing my coffee and was having a headache. Halina was supporting us on a daily basis and it was so nice knowing that she was there. Today, it's one month after my Detox and I'm drinking only one cup of coffee a day. We already decided to go for the next Detox this spring. I highly recommend Halina to everyone I know.

Santo L., Computer programmer, Brooklyn